Any Requests for Me?



I've started doing requests because I am bored it can be anything! (drawing pads, drawings of something specific, logos, animals using the leave a trail block,) and more! Please include really SPECIFIC details or I might do it wrong or you could add it in yourself! ; ) It's okay if no one wants to request.


Okay, since no is replying I have to go off. @ me if you do want to request!


@VanillaBlossom draw a dragon that is purple with light blue fur who is serpent like. Make it with Red eyes. Also make it represent me so just put my name under it


Ok, just recieved your request! I'll start working on it!


I just saw this in newest, sorry for not replying earlier! Maybe you could try drawing this? You don't have to.


Ok, but that seems a little bit too complex for me. I'll do my best @Dude73!


Wait, @Razor, what color do u want the spikes to be or none at all?


Spikes could be Green


Okay, I'm finally done :sweat: Wooh! Sorry it took so long, @Razor.




That is amazing! Reall really good job! :grinning:


I'll start working on yours now.


Wow I wish I could draw that good


Could you try to draw my puppy it's ok if you can't though


Thanks! Hey @Dude73 I'm done! Here!


Ok! I'll start right now and no more until tomorrow, I gotta go to bed tomorrow's school!


Ok that's fine
Your a really Awsome drawer


That is so cool! 20/10! :clap::smiley:


I'm done @WinningMonkey! Here, a quick sketch! He kinda looks angry in the sketch. :wink:


That's so cool thank you so much I don't care if it looks angry. I'm 100% Happy