Any Requests For Me To Do?


Any Requests? Trail Art, Announcement Board, Dares, Logos, Color Mixes, BGs, OCs, And Stuff Like That. If You Have Any Requests, Please Reply This With Your Hopscotch Username And What You Want. I Will Try To Do It As Soon As Possible.


Did you already have a topic like this? Correct me if I'm wrong :D


I'm pretty sure u did


Yep, But That Was For Logos Only.


Just wondering, why do u capitalize the first letter of every word? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just wondering


It just became a habit. If you don't like it, I'll try to stop on the forum.


I don't mind. I was just wondering


So, your fine with me doing it? I don't want to upset anyone or gat banned....


I'm fine with it. I was just wandering :slight_smile:


Can you make me in trail art

Just look in my profile picture for the example

My HS username is



I'll try, I'm not that good at people Trail arts.


Do You Like It @Sweetlina? I Just Made It!


Hi @CreamBliss
Can you do my profile pic?


Trail art or.........?


@CreamBliss Trail art!


Okay.......... I'll try!


@Hero_Dino I Did It. I Don't Know If You Like It, But It's Published Already. Maybe You Think It's Bad, If You Do, Please Tell Me. Thanks!


@CreamBliss It's wonderful! I love it!


Really? I thought you wouldn't like it.


It's wonderful! Don't doubt yourself. Practice makes perfect