Any reason why people are putting their public profiles on private?



So I have been looking through a lot of users lately (don’t ask why) and I notice a lot of people are using the “Set your public profile to private” setting in their preferences. I was just wondering why people were setting their profiles to private, and was their a specific event that occurred that made you want to set it to private, or did you just like privacy?


Also sorry for this being a lack luster topic I was just really interested…


I don’t know why, I was wondering that too.
I think people just like to stalk.


I put my profile on private for a while for personal reasons, but I made it public again two days ago.


I’m not really sure. Everyone has a reason for it, most likely.


Yeah I don’t know a lot of people are doing that


They don’t wan’t you looking at their profile xD


@Petrichor why was I tagged by you???
And the weird thing is that he didn’t reply to this topic at all. WHAT?


This action came from a prank, starting with poor poor @SarcasticTvHead as the victim. Petrichor decided to make it look like they were banned and startled me and tv. Then once the prank was over, the setting became more popular.



I do it so people can’t see stuff like my most liked and how many likes I have and my activity and if I’m on or not and stuff like that


Although I am not in love with people seeing my activity, I do want them to see my bio, because I work pretty hard on my bio. I try and describe more about myself, and I would like people to read that. I do see why people would put their profiles on private, but I prefer not to.