Any Questions? Huh? Idek, just cause



I feel like answering stuffs!:blue_heart: Thats pretty much it, ask away!


Why are you so great? :D. I mean it.


Idek(rlly) just cause! (Thanks, I only get that sometimes from my friends in IRL)
I feel like I Am appreciated here!


Here's a like, cuz I'm out 🖤


Thanks, too Bad. I havent run out yet :slight_smile:


Ooh, an Ask Me Anything topic!
I'll add a tag for that :smiley:


Lucky you. I gtg now; bye!


What is your Hopscotch username?
How did you get your Hopscotch username?
When did you join Hopscotch?
What is your favourite Hopscotch project?
Who are your favourite Hopscotchers?
How did you find Hopscotch?
What is your favourite part about Hopscotch?
What do you like making best in Hopscotch?
What is your Hopscotch weakness?
If you could add one feature to Hopscotch, what would you add?
What are you working on currently in Hopscotch?
Why did you join the Hopscotch forums?


what contributions have you made in graciouspolkadot?


2.My name is japanese for charmander, I wanted it to be a japanese name, Idek, just Cuz, The trident is a symbol of peace on HS
3.September, 2016
4. Diving Game, By Creations Of A Noob
5. CatWithABrush, Valgo, Ak Studios, SuperGirl3Acer, SereneSeventeenth, WhiteFeathers, and my Best Hop-Frens, MusicalPaintbrush, and WhoNeedsAName
5. My neighbor told me about it!
6. Meetong People from around The world, and shading ideas
7. Art Pads, Trail Arts, and sometimes quizzes!
8. Sins, and Cos!
9. Hmmmm..... maybe to add pictures, for your profile pic. (Eh.. I Am so Creative!)
10. A few art pad requests(:confused: )
11. Because, I heard it was Awesome, and CWAB, told me to, so I couldnt refuse!


Zero, Idek What that is!


Thx! I forgot to;), my Life


Any More Questions? ;-;, so lonely...


Any questions?!


I guess I don't have any questions to ask?