Any profile or banner pic requests? [CLOSED, NO MORE REQUESTS PLEASE]



As you can see from mine, I can make some good pixel profile pics, realistic looking people, and other things. So, any requests?



Any art requests for me?


My HF username is reallyyy long, so can you just do HM in pixel art?

Edit: first post :>


Sure I can! Is there any specific way you want it written? And is it for a profile pic or banner? (Cause I can only do one each...)


Could you do a profile pic for me?


Erm, not really just kinda like simple and stuffs. Its a banner also :)


Sure, any requests? Like what you want me to do would be good... :3


You make awesome stuff! Could I have a pixel art polar bear banner? :D


Alright! No problem.


Sure! It's a banner right?


Ok, so it can be any style and I want it to be a gurl with long blonde hair and a red wolf hoodie if that is ok. :3


Yup. Ok, I can do that :3


Here you go!


Thanks! It's great!!! :D


Your profile pic is cool! Where did you get it from?


No problem! It was a honor! (BTW please credit me in your bio!)


I made it! Do you like it?


Here you go! Enjoy it! (BTW make sure you credit me in your bio.)


Can you make me an amazing banner #BaconLife
Oh and with bacon


Does it need to say anything? Like #bacon?


Yes #BaconLife plz and thank you