Any paper drawing requests?


I'm sick so I'm not going out and I'm very bored. Anyone want to request a drawing I can do on paper?
Please tell me chibi or anime!


Can you draw This for me:
Gender: Girl
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: Brown
Skin tone: Tan
Clothing: black shirt with hopscotch logo
Extra: holding iPad
(This isn't me btw)


Ok sure, I might be a while!


@CandyflossClouds Here ya go. This is chibi style! SORRY ITS REALLY MESSY!


Hey! Is it possible we could keep all drawing related things in the drawing topic? Thanks!


@OnceUponATime sorry I'm new, how do I do that?


Press the magnifying glass button at the topic, and search "Drawing on paper." Click into the one without a lock besides it and continue doing requests in that topic instead!
Welcome to the forum :DD




Could you draw a cat please? :0 In Chibi style?


Sure @RobotPro I'll try to be quick!


Here you go! @RobotPro