Any musicians who want to make me some music?!


Hi! This is Crazy_cake here and I need some music for my new game Easter quest. The game is where you have to travel around trying to find the Easter bunny! And I need a little music to go along with this game! I will give credit to who I pick for the music for my game! You can ask me questions or post some music down below! Thank you! - Crazy_cake :smiley:


Maybe a random tune!


I just finished an original!

Wanna hear it?


What type of music do you need?


Just like some fun high note music :wink: @PopTart0219


That's awesome music @comicvillestudios!


@comicvillestudios can I use that music for 1 part of my game please? I'll gave credit and it's ok if not (I need a lot of different songs for my game :slight_smile:


I have music its starwars though


You may have it! Just give credit!


Ok course I will give credit! If I didn't that wouldn't be fair! Thank you! @comicvillestudios


@comicvillestudios what's your username on hopscotch so I can follow you and give you credit in my game!


CV Studios:copyright:

You can credit me as CV Studios


yeah sure ill make some music :smiley: