Any Ideas? - PandaPerfect!



Hi there! Me and @CodePerfect have decided to collaborate! Our account is called PandaPerfect, and we have just published our first project.

Here is the link;

We hope you enjoy our projects, and leave a like if you would like to (◠‿◠ )

This will also be our topic for asking/creating ideas! I find you have any ideas/thoughts, please tell us! We greatly appreciate it :D

tag list

tag list


has anyone got ideas on what we should make next? :)


I am putting this topic on watching!!


This could also be the topic where we ask for ideas- I'll change the title in a few days :)


Cool! I really like the background, it's so Sweg :sunglasses:


Hai senpai @PandaBlossom, hai @CodePerfect! It's pretty cool, want to see your projects! :smiley:


@jojodude, @CodePerfect made the awesome BG!!
@DMF, thanks! Can wait to see some more of your projects as well :D


Wait. What does senpai mean? Is it something good or bad?


This means megafren :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew her since February!


We are on TRENDING!! @PandaBlossom I was looking down trending and I found our project!!


@CodePerfect, it means someone you look up to or;


Cool!! Is that good?


Really? How far down? :D
EDIT: 37th Project from the top :DD


Frenhai=Fren + Kōhai + Senpai!


Okay. Thanks!! I have to go.


Of course, it's very good! XD


Awesome!! Thanks!!


Like I would say 40th.


runs to Hopscotch to make some projects