Any Ideas on how to make an HSB cone?


UnderagedCoder1 and I have been trying to figure out how to make an HSB cone on hopscotch, If you have any and I mean any Ideas on how we may be able to do this tell me, and remember we don't have any clue so there are no bad ideas :smile: thanks


This thing?


Yeah complicated to code right :blush:


How will it be formatted? Like slices of the cone? (Circles, big to small) Or triangles? (Imagine cutting a slice of the cone as if it were a cake)


We're not trying to cut it or deform it in any way. I'm just using it as a visual aid to explain why I use HSB instead RGB


So just like this


im not the one to look for for such complicated trail art, sorry.


Hey no prob :slight_smile: happy you tried


If anybody else has ANY ideas please share them I have noooo clue whatsoever how I'm gonna make this


But I need to Inform hopscotchers how this works


Sounds like an awesome project in the making @Rider! It's so cool you want to teach and help other Hops. :+1:

I'll take a look and see if I can get anywhere with making that cone. Seems like a fun challenge. :smiley:


K thanks super greatly appreciated :smile:


One thing to know though is that HSB like to reset that's my problem so here's my test project


I…sorta did it!

The problem is, I didn't use enough clones! So I'm going to do that now!


(Just realised used shift instead of caps lock)


taking advantage of the fact hues over 359 work… (which I guess isn't necessary, but it makes the process much more easier)


Sine and cosine to position and then draw to the center (one pixel at a time)
Then sine and cosine for the bottom half positions and again drew, this time, down on a spot thats completely black now.


I literally just guessed that ._.


So how'd you decide to structure it that way?


because sin/cos can make all sorts of weird shapes