Any ideas on how I can make my code cleaner?

Link to project:Roblox by beeper1234

I’m trying to create a game like roblox. I’ve added over 7 games into one which was the goal at 1st. The code isn’t very well done when I look over it now. Does anyone have a idea on how I could improve this.


A couple things:

  1. Cool idea – I’ve made projects like this before (including mini games in one project), and I love seeing others do something like it!
  2. Not sure what the loading time is for, but if it’s just a wait block please either make it shorter or remove it (no one wants to wait when they don’t have to!)
  3. I like that the basics of the game are working well!
  4. Maybe experiment with some of the green “looks” blocks to change size and color of some things and draw a trail to make a cool background.

That’s my quick take on it – let me know if you have any questions


That’s a good idea I’ll try to add some of this! Thanks for the help


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