Any ideas of some cool projects?



I need some ideas for projects. Any ideas? Reply if you have a idea! I need to keep hopscotching!


I don't think you should ask people think of something creative anything! You shouldn't ask people what to make think of something that shows who you are!!:sweat_smile:


Here's how I get ideas.
I look at my favorite apps and try to make replicas of them.
I look at other projects to get inspired.
I look at my own projects to get inspired!

Occasionally I run out of ideas too, but I keep it to myself.


Nice stradegy! I really appreciate it!


And BTW I posted first!!!!!!! I still think you should come up with your own ideas!!!!!!!!


I think it's fine to ask other people for suggestions on projects :smiley:

Like @Kiwicute2015 said, I like looking at other apps and things for inspiration. I've made some projects inspired by the movie Frozen, which I enjoyed. You could get inspiration from your favourite movie or game too. And of course coming up with your own original ideas is awesome too.