Any ideas for a project?



I want to make something really cool but I don't know what to make does anyone have any ideas? Some of my ideas drawing pad, pet simulator, quiz. Please help! I might make it into a collab.


Look on the app store for inspiration!


Ok thanks @Phase_Admin!


maybe make an ipad or phone type thing? Whenever i dont know what to do i just make a ton of coded art projects until something grand hits me.


I want to make a meme is that okay @OrangeScent1 and @MagmaPOP? I won't do it without permission from one of you


That's fine!


The old school 1980's Atari controller that actually works and make the orange button work.


Thanks @OrangeScent1!


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Hold on and I'll grab a pic for you. Just in case you haven't seen one or even played with one :slightly_smiling:


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@Intellection74 This is the very first gaming system I played with when I was a kid. It's actually a joystick but this is the entire system. Make the joystick and the orange button work.

ps: my favorite game until the Nintendo came out was E.T. and Superman.


I might try that! This is my topic for ideas


@Phase_Admin is right @RubyWolf1 because that's how games and other people come up with their idea. You can even buy the code to certain apps if the developer is selling the code but it's normally around $100 or so. I'm a developer and I code. Although if you want to get into this as a job make a portfolio when you get older and show people what you can do. Don't work corporate but DO work at startups because that's where I started and did my internships and believe it or not Hopscotch isn't easy for me because I'm used to confusing words and not easy words and blocks. Therefore I do learn a lot from all of you. :slightly_smiling:


I made the meme!!!! I hope it's okay