Any game ideas?



Hi! It's YuxinaYammy here. I really really want to make a game, but I don't know what. I don't want something too puzzling to make, or something that isn't unique. Thanks! If you give a suggestion that I like I will give credit in the game! The honourable mentions will also be there if I also liked other ideas. Thanks in advance!
~ YY


Hi @YuxinaYammy! Here's some ideas
Music maker
Real life game on hopscotch (twister, hopscotch ect)
Pet/animal simulator
Race thing
Hope it helped


on topic: more ideas login thing, escape
Off topic: your a great drawer and coder!


Heh, thanks @RubyWolf1! You are cool and good too! And thanks for the suggestions! I'll see which game I'll do once I get suggestions from some more people!


Thanks! When will there be the next art challenge? Sorry for being off topic. I can't wait until you make a game!


@RubyWolf1 Hmm.... Well I'm not too sure about the art club, I just know I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE ART CLUB! OH MY GOODNESS! Thanks so much for reminding me! If you haven't I might be forgotten all about it! Oh man, I was supposed to post it yesterday but I forgot. I'll do it now, thanks for reminding me!
And thanks! I can't wait until I make a game, too!


Ur welcome I wondered why u weren't doing the next challenge. I would be happy to help you with anything :blush:


Have fun making the game it will be awesome I just know it!


I'm not being mean or anything but have you done it yet @YuxinaYammy


Done the contest! Sorry it took too long, @RubyWolf1. I just had a little struggle with the drawing. But the drawing contest is uploaded and you can go ahead and enter! Oh and I forgot to add the time it finishes, but it will end in 2 days, as usual.


Ok I'm a bit stuck with the video game character who should I be @YuxinaYammy. Oh and thanks for saying that stuff about me


It's ok! And for the character, it can be anyone from anything! Your favourite character in any game, or any character from your favourite game, or even your WORST favourite game! Anything at all, @RubyWolf1. You choose.


I really don't know. Who did you do?


I did Frisk from Undertale.


Ok don't judge me about what I will do


Of course not! You can draw anything you like. I won't ever judge you about what you do.


Thanks @YuxinaYammy! I can't do it yet no wifi :frowning:️ And when you published it I did this great drawing but I ran out of wifi when I was going to publish it. The only reason I'm on right now with no wifi is that my mums iPad has wifi everywhere and there's no hopscotch on it.


I don't know who to do I can't think


@YuxinaYammy are you there?


Yes @RubyWolf1, I am on! Sorry for the late reply