Any Drawing Requests?


So, I have decided to do paper and non hopscotch drawing requests!
The paper ones will be in B+W, sorry, I don't have the patience to colour them in :rolling_eyes:
If you want, I can outline pencil drawings with sharpie!
Non HS will not be perfect, but I will try my absolute best! Here are some examples...

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I have one! I have long light brown hair, blue eyes, a pink dress that goes to my knees, and black shoes with straps. I am a girl.


And another drawing...



:slight_smile: thanks! Pencil, or IPad?


How is it hopscotch related?


Oh... Is it... Sorry... :pensive:


u can just make hopscotch requests!


What do you mean! Like ask on here but draw it hon HS and then screen shot it and then post it here?
Sorry for all the questions, as you can see, I am still getting used to the forum


Can you draw a princess? Any kind? Any description?


Should I choose? Should I publish on HS or on here (forum)?


Here. On the forum. Or you can choose; I don't get what you're saying.


Kay, what I mean is that should I post the drawing of the princess on here or on HS. You already answered it :smiley:


I have done it! Sorry for the wait... I got engrossed in composing a new song... Ok, so, I hope this is ok!

There you go! If you want me to redo it, that's fine! :blush:


Thanks, I love it! It's very bright, vibrant, and colorful! Sorry, I got carried away making my new Make-A-Leprechaun game, finished it.


:scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::yum::blush::blush: that's like, the first compliment ever that someone has given me for drawing.... My family are just like.. They are just scribbles... Work harder. (TBH, most of my drawings and doodles only take 30seconds-2 minutes! Secret's out!!)


I don't have a request but you are a great artist, and your profile picture is super cute did you draw it?


dies temporarily um.. Wow, thanks! And, sadly, I didn't do my profile picture, I just searched up "manga panda girl" on Google. But.. I am half way through a profile picture that I drew, so yep, I am pretty pleased with that! Your projects are amazing @BubblegumCupcakeMix!


Thanks! And what app did you use for those pictures up at the top?


The first one(digital) was called brushes, it's free, and the others were on something called "SketchesPro+"


Oh cool! I have Brushes on my school iPad but I've never herd of ScetchesPro+