Any criticism for EmojiTapper?



Alpha 2.0 is out! Please take some time to review it. It’s bad, I know, but I want to know how I can improve it. Thanks! @POMTL

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Also why is feedback censored???


Which number is the highest rating?
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Wow that’s really cool @Kitty4U


5 is :ooooooooooooooo




No problem! :smiley:


Fun! The game lets you get high in the ranks pretty fast, though - I’d recommend making it at least a bit harder to advance in this game, and also add some effects/animations, like fading or exponential movement of some sort. ^^


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to think about it ^^


I think that it is really good so far! The features and the upgrades are really cool, and the easter egg is cool too!


Thanks! I love your projects as well!




That you, that means a lot to me.
Also, I think that the new feature where you can see Hopscotchers that are replying is cool, hello @Work_kids_coding.


Overall concept

+3 points

I felt like this game was based off of The Emoji Movie right when it started. The basic idea of the game was to earn enough money by tapping the emoji and buying upgrades so that you can reach the goal, which was to go to emojiland.

Concept Pros
I enjoyed the idea. The game had a beginning and an end. Overall, it was entertaining.

Concept Cons
It took me a little while to find the goal of the game. I would consider making directions on how to win the game. Or, for a lazy coder. I would add a You Win at the end of the game.


-1 point

I for one; was very unhappy with the design. It felt like I was playing a game with a game that didn’t let me interact with it. It was a fun game, but I recommend you work a little longer on the design.

Design Pros
I liked the growing shape at the beginning.

Design Cons
I did not like how plain the game looked, how it did not look very interactive, and how it didn’t look colorful at all.


+1 point

I think the game had acceptable gameplay. I would suggest you make it a lot harder. And add more features. Also, take out that Joker card thingy

Gameplay Pros
I liked how you made the upgrades worked. The game was strangely satisfying

Gameplay Cons
The game was a little too easy


Concept Good
Design bad
Gameplay Okay
Game score 3 points
Notes The game still needs a lot of work. It was a fun game though.

The Battle of Collabs 📈!
Off topic stuff

@William04GamerA How do you see what Hopscotchers are replying?


Like that


I started this before the emoji movie was released


@Kitty4U Thanks, also, can you tell me how I did with my review? I need to know if this was an affective review system.


Great project! My feedback would be if you buy an emoji and then buy another you don’t have to pay again for the first emoji! ^^


Yep it was ok thanks


Ya but then if you re equip it, you have it for free ^•^