Any cool ideas?


I want to make a really cool thing on hopscotch but I don't know what to make please help!


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Try remaking your favorite game in Hopscotch!


Here's an idea, make a game like twister that has an arrow spin around a circle and where it stops there's messages like"Hold a players right ankle with your right hand"
The game wouldn't need a mat with colored circles like the Real Twister game.
The looza would be the first player to fall over.


That's awesome thanks so much! I just have it figure out how to do it.


Set an arrow/emoji position to a large circle x-y positon
Set a value"TURN" to 0
When ipad is tapped set TURN to 1
Wait random 1 to 3 second
Set TURN to 0

Code for arrow,

When turn = 1
Turn 15 degrees

When turn =0
Turn 0 degrees


Thanks so much but how do I do the text? I will give you credit


Example. place 8 emojis around the circle so when the arrow stops it's touching only 1 emoji.

When arrow is touching 1st emoji
Set text to "MESSAGE"

When arrow is touching 2nd emoji
Set text to "MESSAGE 2"

And so on.

Place this code for texts to a separate emoji above the circle where you want the messages read.

MESSAGE means type whatever message you want in the set text block


Thanks soooooo much @Stradyvarious you're the best!


Thanks . You are a great listener lol


Lol! Do you have any thing else that I should do?


I have a million ideas. You should ask later after you make this twister game.


Thanks for giving me a great idea!


@Stradyvarious With the code above the arrow code what is it for?


You can put that code in the arrow as well.
The code changes the value TURN from 0 to 1 then back to 0
The arrow spins while TURN value is 1
And stops spinning when TURN value is 0

You can use any word for the value. You don't have to use the word TURN

Another way

When ipad is tapped
Set TURN to 1

Wait random 1 to 3 seconds

Set TURN to 0

At start
If TURN = 1 turn 15 degrees
Else if turn = 0 turn 0 degrees


Ok thanks so much!!!!


@Stradyvarious can u tell me something to make i really want to get in rising so tell me something cool


@Stradyvarious are you on I need to tell you something


Its 6:47 pm now where i am.
Are you here?
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Well here's an idea for a game i had a while back.
You have a dog and cat emoji in the centre of the screen with their backs to each other.
From the left and right sides of the pets food is coming along a conveyor
Whenever the ipad is tapped the cat and dog swap sides.
Only the food for each pet is allowed to touch the pet.
Dog food only touches dog. Cat food only touches cat.
Combinations of these foods come along from the left and right.
You have to tap the ipad at the right time to make the pets switch places to get their food..
Score 1 point every time a pet gets their food.
Get a cross when they touch the wrong food.
3 crosses and the game ends.
Have the food gradually increase its speed from the left and right sides moving along a table/conveyor.
You could have a rat that needs to be tapped 3 times to kill it before it reaches a pet.
Check this Revomaze toy and think about recreating this.

Just some ideas for you @AwesomeWolf18


Ok i'll try it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Stradyvarious