Any club/collabs?


okay guyz, for whatever reason, i cant catch up with forum and, if there is any new clubs or collabs or anything like that, plz tell me...well, about drawing of course, cause i am not good at coding....
Sorry I wasn't that active those days, my mom doesn't let me go on my iPad anymore...and I am about to go to high school and there are lots of meetings those day....I also have drawing, piano lessons....I also have cadets....
P.S. While typing this I am trying to not let my parents know...
Here are my latest drawings.....


I hate it when I'm not allowed on my iPad. I haven't been on hopscotch or the forum much so I have no idea what's going on. And people were just spam liking me, strange. Good luck (hope you are allowed on your iPad soon )


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Please don't lie!
Your 12 years old you can't be going to high school


Yeah, sort of. Did Anything exciting happen?


She might be in year 7 (that's when I start high school) she probably is Australian or something


Woah! Am I suprised to see you


Why? >~<


I thought you left...


Sorry about that................ Now BOT


I have a super smash bros club...
Only @Fluffymarshmellow joined.


Oops, I mean secondary school. @Razor
And yeah @CreativeCoder @seawolfwerehorse I said I will be gone after finished all the requests, but then I found out I can never finish them...


We were spam-liking you to tell you to stay, we heard rumors that you were leaving! Anyway, I spam-liked you on Hopscotch down to your projects 15 weeks ago. :stuck_out_tongue: