Any body there? WE NEED HELP!


@Rodrigo @Liza @asha

@Fried-Chicken is out of control, do you know who is on the account? He's posting really mean things!


It's true, he is I was thinking the same thing


I was the troll
I posted some trolley stuff but I wasn't "mean"
That was probs someone else


@KindnessSpotters is what Ella calls herself in her bio... Suspicious... @Ella_13?


@Meg @Ian please help the breaking forum!


More than one person tho... not good.
Btw I discovered how mean FC was cause i was spam liking people XP


Yup. If u didn't read the description, it is a public account. And I'm a kindness spotter because I invented it like months ago. That kindness spotter account was supposed to be used to spot kindness

Have a problem?


It was a misunderstanding. If you saw all the posts before they were changed, they were trying to say sorry. A forumer said, "Fried chicken is poo." I thought they meant the forumer, but they meant the food. This is all a misunderstanding. :slight_smile:


Link link linkkk


That's very rude


No kindness spotter isn't


They did, but they quickly changed it, realizing that they shouldn't have said it.


Me I meant fried chicken they said some thing like saying someone was rude I don't mean to sound rude. If you want I can change it :D


No I change it case it was extremely inappropriate, but they are posting faster than I can edit their rude posts.


I didn't post MEAN thing did was only trolling a bit
Someone else was probs on


Really? Check out their posts in this topic:


Someone swore


Let's not argue... I just was wondering id the mods were even aware that this was going on, FC needs to be stoped ASAP.


Public accounts shouldn't be allowed for this reason. They're getting out of control.


But they so funnn
My armpits smell like onions ew