Any artists willing to help?


I need someone to make me a title in bold letters saying Beat The Apple it also needs to be white and kinda in maybe a unique design, if you do you will get credit for it in my game, also if your interested please tell me your name and when it will be ready, SOONER the better also please make if off of remixing one of my projects thank you so much and also @StarryDream please help if you wanna


I'll help!
Is is OK if I use Procreate or Paper 53?


i wish i can but i am not that good.
Ellle XD


@starrydream I don't know what that means, but I'm going to spend a ton of time on this game, it will be my best, I just need to title to be perfect as it will be the logo of the game, also if possible I'd like a little green apple or red your choice with a leaf, only if you think that will look good, your the artist I trust you


lol almost like the apple bees logo


Well not there logo just there apple


@starrydream when can you have something like that made?


Lol liking it doesn't tell me tho xD @StarryDream


I don't code much
I usually code funny trail/shape art


@StarryDream But you can do the title right?


I can draw da title on another app
I'll take screenshot


Ok, I'll try! Imma do it now brb


K I know it's bad but


@KawaiiRose it's not bad but I'm looking for very normal bold letters with the Applebee's Apple logo by it


As my title screen .


@starrydream any progress?


I'm finished!

I used Paper 53