Any art requests ?πŸ™‚



Any drawing requests.Please check my hopscotch account for drawing examples:slightly_smiling:l'm izzybee05 on hopscotch


If you have time can you draw this?

His name is q Bert


sorry I'm not very good at drawing things other than humans.


I love the drawing! Thank you for drawing q Bert!


You're welcome Thanks for the request:slightly_smiling:


Could you draw me a girl!?
Hair: brown
Blue eyes
Blue dress
Extras. Mascara on eyes and eyeliner! Thanks


Of course,what length do you the hair to be though


If you would like a different hair style just tell me :grinning:


Any more requests :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Could you do a squirrel @Izzybee05?


Ooh I love it but my hair is longer....but thanks anyways
P.s my hair is a hand away from my belly button!


Ok l'll make another one soon @happy12345678910


I'm not very good at drawing animals But I'll give it a try @Eco-FriendlyCookies


Can you draw me I have:
Brown skin
Brown eyes
Neck length hair
Pink shirt
Black pants with white ties
Pink nail polish on fingers
Hair up in a bun with black elastic
Light black hair
Thanks I hope that's not to much I'm really sorry if it is


That's cool, thanks for trying!


thanks ! you are very kind but there is no need i dont want you using your time for me! :blush:


I'll probably have both requests done tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the requests @happy12345678910 and @Eco-FriendlyCookies:grinning:


Here's a squirrel P.S I have never drawn a squirrel :grinning:


hope you like it @happy12345678910:grinning:


To: @Tjordan5699
I'll probably have your request done tomorrow or Thursday .sorry for the wait :grinning: