Any art requests for me?


I have a similar topic, but this is just art, so, any requests?




ok now it's time to read :joy:


Which art? Pixel? Normal?


Any! But not on HS, i am going to do it IRL


Can you draw me for a profile pic?

I'm a boy

Slightly long dark brown hair

Light tan color skin

Blue eyes

Wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts

Using an iPhone

If you need anymore details, I can give you some.


Yup, but can you go to my other topic please!


Do me as I was 8!

Hair: Jet black, armpit length. Done in twin-tails
Eyes: Blackish-brown
Skin: Medium-olive
Clothing: Light blue shirt, hot pink miniskirt, dark grey leggings, white socks.


Laike da new iPhone 7?

I'm sorry! Im just a tech freako!


Can you draw me a profile background?
Use the shades of my fav color (blue, H 172, S100,B100) and my username, please



I shall say


Why does iPhone 7 have 2 colors

Jet black

And like light black


Oops sorry :sweat_smile: Anyways BOT


Here you go @StarryDream! Enjoy! And, (only if you want to, you could credit me!


No problemo. Can get that done in bout' three hrs. (Because I'm going to go back home from school...)




Tank you

But me nuu happy with wequest


Why? Did I do something wrong?



You don't need to re-do it tho


Am I allowed to post a selfie for you to work off of?


We cant show our faces, sorry.


can you add glasses that look like this:

to my anime character

here is a picture of my anime character for you to download and cheat off of!