Any art requests for ducks12!


Here is one from a art trade BTW just tell me if you want like a closed eye or the style I showed earlier! BTW y can use the picture as a profile picture


Draw something hopscotch related


Okie I’ll draw people holding the hopscotch logo!? Do you like the idea


Good idea


Okie it will be done in like 15 minutes maybe less!


Can you draw a duckling?


Sure I can try my best


K thanks !!


Your welcome I will finish as soon as possible


@BlastFusion I’m almost done I just have to add finishing touches!


@BlastFusion here it is! Hope ya like it!


Okie imma start your request now sorry for the late start




Okie FATTCAT hope ya like it!


Awe it’s so cute I love it thanks!


Can you draw a leopard eating ice cream? Thanks


Yep sorry for late reply!


Your welcome and thanks for liking it!


Oh mai drawing a leopard is hard did might take a whild


I can’t draw a leopard sorry I’ll try one mores time