Any Advice on how to improve?


This is my #HHC2016 project,
Could you give me some comments or questions?

How do you rate the project?

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1 is bad and 10 is good


Much wow!
Idk how it could improve.


One word : Wow!
It's seriously so cool!


@SmilingSnowflakes and @Madi_Hopscotch_ any comments?
why are some of my senpai here? :flushed::no_mouth::grin:


This background is amazing! It runs pretty fast and smooth and I really like how you have different things related to Halloween! Nice job!




That's awesome! ;u;


Great Job! I think you are very good at backgrounds. I just can't really think of any constructive criticism :o


Senpai @SmilingSnowflakes likes my project faints


BTW, what does ;u; mean? Sorry if I sound like I don't know anything


Anyone else?


;u; is a happy crying face. :D


Awesome project! I would say you could make the things more evenly spaced out (Maybe this is intentional, how it is currently) so that everything lines up nicely like in a grid. Also, I think cauldrons are shorter, like in the picture below:

Other than that, it's amazing and I rated it 9!


Any more advise? :slight_smile:


Hey senpai!!!!
I love ur project btw


Thanks frenapai!


Haha that's a cool combination