Anti-Spam Flaggers


The spam flaggers are alive and well... as many people probably know.

How can you tell?

Well, for example, take seahorsewerehorse....he/she has pretty much every single one of their comments flagged. They were perfectly fine....

I don't know why people spam flag. Maybe THT could make it so you can review the flagged comment and tell them it shouldn't be flagged? Maybe that's too much trouble, or it can be abused in ways, like you could unflag a comment that needed to be flagged.

Any more ideas?


Well seahorsewerehorse was banned so every post was flagged

i thinks so


Oh, that makes sense, but as much as I saw the comments had nothing wrong with them, so I don't know.


I agree, but seahorsewerehorse was banned which led to all of their posts flagged.


Yeah... why was she banned?


Well, THT does have to manually check if flags are legit before hiding posts (unless the flagger is regular, because the level grants one flag to hide posts). They can also reject flags. :)


No, no they do not. Posts get flagged like about literally after me flagging them, on a weekend, at 12:00 an NY time.