Anti-Hacker League (Someone close this!)



This group is created to keep the community safe.

I aim to find ALL the hackers and stop them from giving out passwords.

This group will monitor the community to look for projects about "Passwords Lists" and report them as "Giving out personal information". There are no requirements to join this group.


Can i join too? I check this forum like every two or three hours so i probably won't miss any new topics. I just have one little question, do you mean by password lists also the user and pass from collabs??


Me! Also, I have a collab account that won't get hacked! This is how strong it is :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


stop the hacker guy!


I'm in, I check the forum every time I get wifi (when I'm not at school) so that could be anywhere from every hour to every 3ed day, but I manage to catch up, don't hope for any shocking revelations from me, (under my breath) yet, but I threw some bait in the water and this hacker is biting hard, I won't reveal my plan until I catch it yet, don't want it to realize which worm has a hook on it, (also I threw a box of worms in one of his windows, not really) actually I'm posting this at school, so...


I'm in ( just how do I help? )


I will defiantly join to figure out this hacker(s) what has done and get this hacker(s) banned from the forums and Hopscotch.


You keep including (s), there are multiple hackers.




BADAPABADPAAPABADPA! (if were at my house you would understand, dramatic music starts playing!). @Isaacwotwot, you are so right!!!!!!!!!!!


LETS GET 'EM(20 characters)


I'll join I'm already trying to help by searching names similar to GšŸ¤”1


Can I join. I have experience with hackers on a much scarier scale.(By that I mean Hack a minecraft server) and am willing to help.


See here:

Thanks, guys!


May I please join? I hate hacking and besides I have nothing to do because my sisters are being jdgshdgwehsggsbzhdnkdhdjdjsjsnshsj had to do that because I couldn't say the words I wanted to say


Can I join phase studios to help?


Can someone explain to me this whole "MK3C" situation? Are they hackers? Also I searched them and I also got not only a series of MK3C accounts, but account that said "Me" w/ a certain #... Just thought that was interesting


@GiraffeProductions Are these the guest accounts you made? :laughing::joy:


no. the guest accounts I made have guest in the name


Oh. [insert thinking emoji here]