Ant Simulator! In Productions!



I’m creating a game called Ant Simulator, and I’d like you guys to give me suggestions.

Some screenshots of the project...

I’ve haven’t got any mechanics done, besides loading screen, menu, and opening tutorial. @pomtl

Also, @Petrichor, May you correct me?


@Petrichor best project


Looking good, tag me as you go make the game.


I will! Since you asked!


Thanks @Petrichor! You are accepted in my life! :3


Love the first picture! “Loading…”


It looks good. Maybe you could try to make the brown background a little bit more varied? Otherwise, I think that this can turn out really good!


For now I’m leaving it this way. I’m just making the project, so I’ll probably do the suggestion later!


True true true true true!


Happy Birthday! You are turning 11, right?
Welcome to the 11 club


Thanks so much! I didn’t expect that!


Bump… are you still working on this?