Another weird featured project?


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They have to look harder why don't they try looking at people like @seawolfwerehorse @Intellection74 MemorableChicken you guys have good projects


It's either a weird remix or a project made by a famous Hopscotcher that goes on featured. Barely any projects that were made by people that aren't famous and took their time!


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Beats me? You'd think that because they made such a good coding game and so many people like it that they would answer our questions:question:.

No offence intended to the Hopscotch Team or Fluffy Marshmallow in any of my posts


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Well still

a) it really isn't funny, lots of people have remixed that project before....
b) say it was funny, it's still not fair to grant a position on the best page in Hopscotch to a project that took 5 seconds to make rather than one that took a long time


There was a remix that was featured. Tht put it there. Idk why though. Maybe they just put it in for fun?


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Hi team! Totally fine to disagree with our Featured decision; we decide based on a lot of different factors, so we chose it based on what we saw that day. #TimesOfDay just caught our attention that day. Guess we didn't catch the original beforehand! Because we're a tiny team, sometimes it's hard to look at all the projects at once. We'll try to do a better job!


I actually remixed this from someone else.

I remade it into "#TimeOfDay".

Then Fluffy Marshmallow branches that... And it gets on Featured.

If you don't believe me, check the dates on my project vs. hers.

If it says weeks... I honestly published mine before hers

I think Fluffy Marshmallow deserves a Feature and more. Just... Another project, please?


Oh.... That explanes it...:slightly_smiling:


Hey everyone!!!

I featured this project because I thought Fluffy's graph was creative and it prompts other people to think about their time and make a project too.

We are ALWAYS looking for new projects to feature and it sounds like you guys have tons of recommendations.

I created a new topic just for Featured nominations.

Check it out here and add to it! :scream:



I guess I'll get ignored for the rest of eternety.
I'll admit it. I do chat with her and almost do the same things as her.
So I guess I don't deserve anything.

Where did I go wrong? What am I not doing right?


If you make a project that you think deserves featured put it in the topic @asha posted above. You're not doing anything wrong, it's just that THT looks for projects that catch their attention. Try making a project that has a colorful screen firsthand, so it catches people's attention. Then make sure it shows loads of effort put into it. I'm sure you'll get featured if you try harder :slight_smile:


I made a drawing pad and it doesn't get much attention.

It's called the fight pad. I've properly creditied the people who helped me. I can't really make outstanding projects because my ipad will lag. a few months ago I tried to make a website. It failed and I just gave up (and don't you DARE give me the 'Never give up!' and 'persevere and you'll get there!' message. this was a website for a person.).

She just remixed a project and it got featured :\


I didn't say it had to have complex code and I didn't say it can't be a remix. It just has to catch their attention. And most drawing pads won't get attention. Meow studios's pad had a lot of colors and had some other things that made it cool.

If it lags, try starting small with a project, and then continue adding on to it. It helps with coding skills and creativity :D


What in the world am I supposed to code. I have 2 projects in drafts. and heres the drawing pad:


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This is so ded lololol