Another Trivia Game... (Serenity)


Yeah, this is another one of those games, started by @Snoopy , and done by many, many people on the forum since.

I'm sure you all know the rules by now.

So far, we're on Round 1:

Sensei_Coder: 1 point
Maltese: 1 point (and one million cucumbers)
Bananadog: 1 point
Gabe_N: 1 point
KoolM123: 3 points
Catcace4: 1 point
TappyMLP: 2 points
cupcakemaniac1: 4 points
Hero_Dino: 2 points

Let's roll out question 1:

What was my first "Serene_____" Hopscotch username?

Hopefully this is fairly easy U^ェ^U

Good luck!

*tags art frens* Participate, my deer frens!

The following people will be tagged when Serenity posts art stuffs.
Feel free to add yourself in the "Make a Tag List!" topic!"


Oh nu.

I don't know. XD


SereneCoder? XD


SereneSwan? XD

idek lol


Sounds like my username XD



Maybe it won't be so easy. I changed my name shortly after my first Featured.


Nope XD

I'm going to have a hard time keeping up, so I won't reply unless its correct.


SereneGreen? :D





Since no one's been getting it right, I guess I'll give a hint.

I started Hopscotch as Serenity in the winter.




Correct! One point for @Sensei_Coder !

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'll start a new round after one person gets to ten points.

Onwards, deer frens, to the second question!

What is my favorite video game?

Silently tags @KarmicSans618 and @the_drawing_topic


Undertale?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hint: my fanart of it is all over the drawing topic ≧∇≦


Pokemon Go?? idk lol


Oh my crouchychakinz you're so close!



wins one million dollars


I'm going to give it to you, because the answer was Pokemon in general, although I wouldn't take Pokemon Go. You have won one million dollars!

gices one million cucumbers

And one point!

Next question:

What was the one exception to my "SS" username policy?




SereneCygnet? :D
(Or...DerpySatin? XD) :D