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Why am I here

Why am I on this Forum

For nothing? Not exactly. I have many friends and the people that I truly appreciate. But that type of people exist in reality too.
For happiness? No, I am not always happy here. I am actually more happy off Forum.
To learn how to code? Nooooooooooo, I do take some interest into coding. But for now, not Hopsotch.
To share my art? What are you talking about? I've already have an DeviantArt account.

So why?

I've been thinking about that over and over.

And I'm ready to announce.

I will be inactive.

—Lucy (surname), "StarryDream"


Goodbye, friend. You will be missed very much, especially on the forum.


:( oh noes!


Farewell. You were always a great friend to me, and the forum


Bye, Lucy ;-;
I'll miss you


Bye, have fun in life ;-;


Okay, bye then @StarryDream. You will be missed!


Bye!! you will be missed ;-;


Okay starry, have fun!




Bye :-;

I ask myself those Qs too.




I will miss you so much, and you have friends on here and people who think you are awesome, like me. See you when you are active. Bye.


ok bye


Bye, fren. We hope you will check back sometime!