Another project on Trending?!


There is a spam project by someone that got on trending.
That's the link. I know it doesn't work. Go to trending and scroll down two rows. It's begging for Freinds and it say that she is unpopular, which she gets 15 likes a project on average!

Can one of you help? I'm going off.


Just don't pay any attention to it, and just flag it. Mods will find the project and delete it. :slight_smile:


I just report it! This isn't good!


Wat it says it's a shoutout to @Murphy1


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

seriously, it made me laugh:)


Excuse me? I'm begging for likes? You MADE that project


Sorry, I can not copy very well. :joy:

Just go onto trending, and look at the second row.


15 likes on a project average is actually a lot compared to people who average 1 or 2. You friend is pretty lucky!


Shoutout for you


They are not my friend.