Another plagiarized project on featured, Bouncing Ball…I think



It was originally made by IceSk8Awesomeness.
It's the newly featured Bouncing Ball project.
@SmileyAlyssa, I know you showcased the original in March or February, months ago.
I'm pretty sure this was plagiarized.

I can't find the original, which was made in like January or something.
Actually, it was made in around late October.
I found it.
@Liza, you'd better investigate.


The "Cool 3D Bouncing Ball" project? That was an all original made by Game Maker a long time ago.



But I think the ball and shadow were still copied.


Nope. He made that project 33 weeks ago meaning that he made that around last December or November.


Probably early November. Or late October.

Maybe IceSk8Awesomeness copied… It's so confusing. They're both so similar.


Unfortunately, it's Icesk8awesomeness that coppied. I few months ago I found almost all of her/his projects were just coppied off other people. The featured project is the original :slight_smile:


Okay, I just found that out ten minutes ago, too!