Another Meme Template (But better :0)



I'm all for meme templates, Expectaions vs. Reality, that moment when, what we say vs. what we mean, but I decided to make my templates more...

Hands on....
This is a specific type of Meme called "Boardroom Suggestions"
it's basically a group of people who are coming up with ideas, but one person says something completely the opposite of what other people are thinking

Sort of like that ^

I added a how to make your own in my project, so have fun!

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So anyone wanna post anything XD
I don't want to recycle this


First reply! And that guy is totally me... Yup. I'm that boring.
I've seen this meme before! I don't usually remix unless I have to, but maybe I'll make my own. Good concept!


I will :smile:
This is an awesome idea!
:smile: :smile: :smile:


@Follow4LikesOfficial what about you? I'm asking because you're a fellow memer like me XD


Here's another example


Lol!! I am President Cat so I LUV that one!! :smile_cat:


Here is mine!


I love that! So creative!


Thank you! I thought it was funny! Good idea!:wink:


Im proud


I got you another one of the nice topic! (Or great, I forgot! XD)