Another Drawing On Featured 04/09/2016 (Nominations for Featured)


Guys Crazy Crawfish has gotten and made the first drawings on featured take a look



Actually, someone else got the first one! It was either -Madi- or Birds Alibi


There was a drawing on featured a loooong time ago, forgot what


Oh, Well the Most Recent one but still for a long time!


I remember @LotsaPizza's, and I remember madi's I think. There were also several draw pads, including one fromkluni


Now I remember but that was a long time ago!



Back den, literally everything got on featured


I changed the tittle so that it is clear!


From what I know, either @Madi_Hopscotch_ or I got the first drawing in featured :wink:


Now it's a rare award


Yeah I guess but it is a great achievement


NUUUU it was moi

My Magicarp drawing :3


Hey I gotta question? Can I use your profile pic?


See? Da first one

Lol it was made 42 weeks ago


@OrangeScent1's meme was meant to be a drawing!




Lol nevermind



Well it was but like a real not meme drawing


Funny. Cool I mean lets spread the news Congrats Crazy Crawfish!


I don't know, I don't find this that feature worthy.

If she would've made her own pad, I would think otherwise, but....

Oh well! :D


Same but it's an achievement the Hopscotch team might have liked it!