Another bug?! Why emojis!?


Why are the emojis like this????


It's the new iOS update


That is the new look for emojis.


It's part of the iOS 10 update. :D


I don't have the update!!?


I don't see any bug...

The new update changed the emojis :boy:


Discourse basically uses pictures to replace emojis (in a way...), so all devices can see them. They updated their website so they look like the normal iOS10 ones.


Hi @Pingu!!!!!!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


It's part of the new iOS 10 update :D


:cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:


It's not specifically because of iOS 10, though. It's the new look and iOS 10 has them.


Omg emojis are so weirdddd

I just updated it

It looks nothing like an Apple thing

They look so... I dunno, somthing

There's a reason I stick to Android


Get iOS 10 as soon as possible :wink:


It's the iOS 10 emojis


That's not a bug, it's the new iOS 10 emojis XD


So I don't have the update, but even if I post emojis, it's the new look! :00



Of course all of them are different but my favorite. XD
Normal: :blush:
My fav: :smile:


:person_frowning: huh. Not Apple style at all. Cool though.


They are normal for me.
Edit: Wait, no they are not. But I dont have the update? (I have not updated in a loooonng time)


I don't really leike it either.