Another bug to ruin the day


low and behold a new bug has arrived.. well this could be the ipad or the internet but here it goes. the screen when your logged on with the dancing bear keeps on loading then the sadface community comes up when i am clearly connetced to the internet. then i uninstalled hs abd reinstalled it again, using a school ipad, running on ios 9.3.5 but when i went to log back on, the log in jots loaded and loaded and then the log on or log in button came back and now i cant get back on....


It's probably because you haven't updated to iOS 10. Can you if possible?


well i go to the updates but it says that its up to date, and i got messages saying that iso 10 is avalible but it says 9.3.5 up to date


What about your internet? If you disconnect, then re-connect will that help? If that doesn't, then I would try getting someone else to help you.


ive tried that a dozen of times, well i turn wifi off the turn it back on, ive also tried the hard reset and the shutdown


Wait! That's exactly what's happening on my other iPad!


Wat iPad is it? iOS is not released to older devices. (I think)