Another bad project!


There's this project by some guy who I won't say and it's good it's a drawing of darth Vader using complicated coding. There's one problem, though: it says HAHAHA and on the bottom it says "made by (name of person I can't say)," and then it says, "ha ha ha ha ha little PUNK"


Wot who would do that?


You're right @friendship2468 , I reported the project already. I feel so bad because I follow that person :frownidisappointed:


Oh no! This isn't good, who would say mean stuff on purpose? :frowning:


That was funky... I liked him. I don't think he meant that.


What's wrong with punk? Aren't that just people with crazy colored hair? And emo clothes? Or does it mean something different in english?


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What Is The Name Of The Project?


The person who made the project?
@pokemon101 the name of the project is Darth Vader. Funky 63 already made a new darth Vader project but th bad ones still up, here: