Anonymous Q & A



No, I am Follow4LikesOfficial, nice to meet you. I have no idea. Who is it?


Maybe, I am busy and I cant get on hopscotch currently
(crashes D:) thats why I am on the forum


Gotcha, let me know if anything changes... (I really wanna get the escape thing done)


Okay, let me rephrase this:

Who is your favorite Hopscotcher that is yourself?


Do you enjoy making me laugh aND hiccup????



No, I cant make "Me laugh aND hiccup????" what is that? How do i make it? Is it codable?


Hey do you think I should start a team: Steellion Studios


What do you want for christmas?

(Also, I finally found out who you are! xD don't worry, I won't tell.)


Who is it? If you are right, I might as well reveal it.


Anannansndjsjsjm (AKA: ahemmmemememememm! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:):

Who is your favorite Hopscotcher that is the same person and uses the same iPad as you, other than you in your anonymous state?


My other account! Duh


Are you sure you want to reveal it? I'm fine not revealing it if you want to stay anonymous.


It's getting hot in here


What... NO!!!




Hmmmm, the choice is yours... but I'd rather stay anonymous. Do you have a hopscotch email? If so, lets see what your guess is. (It might be correct!)


I'll email you right now!



I think I know you...


I emailed you, am I correct? :smiley: