Anonymous Q & A



A lot of people have been doing this recently, (Credit to @Bubblyoreo i think)
You can ask anything you'd like to ask me, except

  • Who is your other account
  • (Age, name, adre-ss)
  • (Profanity)


were you born in the year 1963????????


No i am not funky 63 If that answers your question


Why'd you name yourself Follow 4 Likes Official on Hopscotch?


To get followers and to like people?


See my "Why?" project down at the bottom of my projects. It catches peoples' eyes. Lets say my name was 98oy3lq2iuhirquhqi27r6o, and I like all your projects. Whats the difference if there was a "Follow 4 likes" and a spam name?


Do you reember TOOTS from anywhere...


Whats TOOTS? ____________________________


Hey f4lo, quick question. Have you Collabed with anyone which got them on featured?


I'd think you'd just randomly typed and tapped stuff and you liked my projects for some reason, while with your actual, I'd think you'd want me to follow you in return, which, I wouldn't, and I wouldn't look at your projects either, until you're in Featured, Trending, or Rising.


THE ORDER OF THE STONE... (some 'game changers' even follow that account I think)


No, not yet. D: adlfjhladfkjnc


I have seen it on my activity tab...


maybe some people do, but what I do half the time is make projects and shoutouts the other half. (My other account is kinda dead)


Can you guess who creaed that collab?


What is your favorite Hopscotcher that is you?


You? I dunno .aldfuzkcxjizlxcu


Are you sure...


I dont understand your question, but if you are asking whos my favorite hopscotcher, its EVERYONE


L8r you wanna work on the haunted house, no one has been on in a while...