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Hey ya’ll so I mean like I can’t keep this short cuz I have so much to say lol

So in a nutshell (yay i like nutshells) I am leaving the forum and HS. @creativecoder sorry about that weird moment when u didnt know what was going on

So basically @lotsapizza @orangescent1 @poptart0219 and I are leaving. Im leaving. They are sorta leaving idk they will make up their own minds

I left because of some reasons. 1. Hopscotch wasn’t really producing any result for me. If i were to use it as credit, the most I could say was I helped some children with their troubles to gain experience, etc. But being on this much does not produce any result. I have been volunteering in real life such as helping seniors in our town senior center, and other activities, which I have benefitted from. 2. I really am disappointed with some things. As I went on this forum many have noticed that Im an off topic guy. I have talked to Liza about quite a few things, even writing two very massive posts (and I mean MASSIVE) and by the looks of it she didnt really care that much. Most of the time I posted in huge quantities and she would only reply to a segment of each, and i would feel awkward. @Liza I hope you read this. I dont care if my voice is futile, I really would like a change for future hops. Your public posts do produce a lot of results though. 3. Im old lol-Hopscotch is a 9-11 year old app (idk if thats the right number dont want to check rn) and so im not going to use it. Latin7 was easy but Latin8 is really hard and i dont want to waste time or even have the thought of procrastinating. Dont tell me that i should keep using it because of those “compliments”, just stop. 4. Disappointing community- there is literally a divided group for the leaders since one of the sides doesnt like the other. I would really like to see some change in the forum. I mean like who am i to talk right haha im just an off topic old fart- Literally everyone is off topic. And we have to do something about it. Too bad no one in the pm thought it was a good idea.

Now, compliments. I didnt feel bad everyday, and im really proud of a lot of people.

@smilingsnowflakes- she is an amazing person. SS has done so much for me, and one of my best companions. Shoutout to @pingu as well, you guys were awesome. I hope your future is bright and mellow. @smilingsnowflakes, you are the sweggiest.
@poptart0219, thank you so much for sticking by me when i needed help. Lots of things were resolved when you helped me and that makes you an honorable and loyal friend.
@bananadog and @maltese, @pixelmaster64 and @creativecoder, @intellection74 and @rubystars, @kvj, @orangescent1, @codingcupcake123, @dancinglollippo and @lotsapizza, you were friends to me the whole time and i really do respect you for that. Best of luck in your futures
@friendshipstudios to be honest, i didnt really like you when you joined the forum, but now, youve changed as a good person, and it is astonishing and really hard, and brave for someone to do that. Good luck with the future.
Everyone else who isnt a hater, and u know who you are ya leader and ya mod +countless other h8rs
Final messages: @lightningstrike idk what hr u r in and 8th grade is in da gym in the morning so… Just email my school email if you know it, and if you dont, hopefully youre taking scioly this year
@smilingsnowflakes, ;u; you are teh sweggiest. U cant deny it now cuz im gooneeee :wink:

As you can see i gave the forum a pretty average rating, i hope to see it improve in the future. Goodbye yall nice knowing all of you except for that mod and leader

K bye

I'm leaving A LITTLE BIT (came back)
What has happened to the forum?
I'm back! It was a nice break!
What happened to the Hopscotch Forum?



Bye... :sob::sob:
I love you hard work anon



Ill miss you.
but its your choice




Thanks for the compliment, anonymous. I'll miss you.
Can someone give me a list of who's on each side of the leaders cuz I have no Idea!


Bye! I will miss you so much!!! You've always been my senapi since I started Hopscotch. I will miss you SO MUCH!!!! You are an amazing person. I hope you achieve lots in life. I will miss you so much! I wish I could've talked to you more! I'm on the verge of tears right now, bye!


bye anon you will be missed :frowning:






OMG ;-; Rip ss' iPad it's ded




You always make me laugh when I read your posts. Thanks so much for being you! I hope you have an AMAZING life and achieve your dreams. You are the best! Bye!


I'll really miss you, Anonymous. You've always been there for me, and we've had so many fun conversations that I'll never forget. You are a great, amazing, awesome, respectful, nice, helpful, kind person, who has a great sense of humor. I wish you the best luck, and thank you so much for everything, thank you for teaching me Latin, thank you for being an awesome friend, thank you for impacting the forum in a positive way, thank you for helping so many people, thank you for all the funny times we had together, thank you for everything you have done! You are the ultimate sweggiest.

Goodbye, friend. .L.


this is like that point in a movie where everything is fine then something happens and you are like


I agree with the leader side.


Goodbye, @Anonymous. I'm really going to miss you. Thanks so much for everything, you've helped me so much since I've been on HS, and I'll never forget you.

Listen, you are not an "off-topic old fart". You really do have good ideas, and I'm sorry you felt like some people didn't see that. Even if you don't think you made an impact on Hopscotch, you have, you really have. You've helped so many people, and I know you made an impact on their lives too.

Bye again, Anon. I wish you the best of luck in your future and I hope you remember your good times here. :D


Hey Anon, you've been an amazing friend here. You always make me laugh, and you're really fun. I understand why you're leaving though.

Best of luck in the future for you too. I'll miss you here. :)



Woah. I'm...just really sad. That's... all I can say. ;-;
I knew it was coming but I'm shocked anyways ;-;

Nope, I'm not going to shower you in compliments to make you stay because your decision has been made. But know that oh my gosh you'll be missed a lot. ;-;

Just know that you've been a huge role model to me since the beginning. I was elated when you followed me, and that really kept me going. It really did.
You've made such a huge, positive impact on Hopscotch, and we'll never forget that.
You're such a kind, thoughtful, and funny person. You've made me laugh so many times, and I consider you one of my best Hopscotch friends.
You're really an awesome person.

Good luck with school, life- everything. You're amazing. :)



That's laik the feeling I'm feeling right now...

I'm kinda tired of the forum, TBH with you


Goodbye, Anon.
Just remember that you're sweg, and an amazing person.

I haven't been on long, but it's been long enough to tell that you're awesome. (And really good at roasts. XD)

So just... Thank you, Anonymous.
Good luck.
And goodbye.


Same. It's too dark
But it's a little suspicious when it's dark