Anonymity In Hopscotch


Hi, I'm anonymous in hopscotch, guess who am.
I am disguised, I'll reveal who I am if you like.
I have seen more than 6 accounts on hopscotch like these.

Anonymity. I am disguised on hopscotch because I try to make hopscotch a better community. But now, people are just creating random accounts on both the forum and hopscotch. There are too much people now who do this, and it needs to stop. Why?
1. It is not hopscotch related
2. It does not have to do anything with coding
3. It does not help the community, but rather harm it (people go off task)

@anonymousofficial @IlluminatiHS @Qequals1 "Make my Day" on hopscotch are some examples of these.

If you are going to go anonymous, make sure you are going to HELP the forum! (Like @MysteryLiker) but don't just give likes, give shoutouts as well.

Hey hey hey, before you protest, im not saying all of them are bad. Im just saying some of these accounts have no purpose, and we should all try to help the community.



Id like to know who you are... Hints maybe?



who are you?! I wants to know!


Yeah, I just love feeling like I did a good thing. That is why I created this account in the first place.


Yeah, but isn't everyone anonymous anyway? No one knows who we are, unless you're like Rawrbear and MobCraft, where they know each other from school irl. We only know each other from Hopscotch, unless of course, famous people irl actually go on the forum, now would you actually imagine that? No one in the forum knows our full name, our address, our school, etc. We can talk about things freely without it affecting our lives, without any repercussions irl.


Yeah. Except for people we know on the forums IRL., I know SUPERSWAGGY and ToasterRebellion (sarcastic yay)....


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I know Atlantica:wink::wink: IRL as I was the one that got her on here...


I know dancingrockpunk. She's from the same country as me, and used to sit nex to me. She's one of my besties :wink:


I am follow4likesofficial.


I knew that was coming


off topic


I know, crazy. You got 3 more likes! And your activity tab isn't clogged up like mine is.


Umm.. Look at munchy's project


I didn't know that was there....


That is their only project. I guess they like criticizing others projects than making their own


Sorry that happened :sweat_smile: some people are just weird


Yeah. I liked it so I could check back on the person


Sometimes I wonder if your Pi Studios. As far as I'm concerned he does not have a forum account name Pi Studios.


I am not Pi Studios.