Anon's suspension is.. um.. you could say a hint to a video?


This user is suspended until September 12, 2016 7:35am.
Reason: for saying hi

Does Anon's suspension hint to this video or something like that?

Just wanting to point that out owo








Why was he suspended? Happiness, HS related goodness. Yay. I am a posirve person. Yay. :expressionless:
See how happy i am? Such a happy and positive person. Totally not a fake smile. :expressionless:



I'm such a positive and happy hopscotcher person, who are you??? Yay hapiness yay


I'm anonymous
Who are you


Wait... what? Alright thats weird.


I do.


Why were you suspended?


Because I requested to be suspended

Notice how it says suspended


You are the first to be suspended by choice