Anon Pad! Version 1



Hey guys! I published my first version of my art pad!

Thanks to @OrangeScent1, @PopTart0219, and @Gilbert189 for helping me!


thanks goes to @SmileyAlyssa, who did almost all of the colors. Thank you! :D


I saw this I loved it it was awesome keep up the outstanding work!


Thanks! :D


No problem! It should be featured!


Nice job! I found a tiny glitch though..
Whenever you tap a new color on the draw a pad, it takes a few seconds before it changes to the different color. My guess is that the 'set value' block is a bit of the ways down in the code, after the sound and flashing when you tap the color.
What I would do to fix it is move the 'set value' block up a bit. It won't change the code much, but it'll probably be a lot of work (as you would have to do this for all the colors).


Thank you! :D


I think you should be you able to listen to the music while drawing!


You can! XD select a song, then start drawing! It works


Oh okay great! Yay!!!!


That's a great pad! I can't imagine how leggy that must've been to make!


(Sorry I keep going around to all of my notifications I just got back!)