Annual Summer Contest Take 2!


This is the Annual Summer Contest for 2017! There will be prizes, judges and fun!
Summer Project Contest Extravaganza!
Anyone can enter, and you don't have to alert us if you enter. You simply have to post your project here!
Here’s what you should do if you choose to enter:
Create a summer-related project (game, movie, art, whatever!)
Publish your project and post a link to it in this topic!
(You don't have to ask to join! All you have to do is submit a project!)
Some rules:
You cannot submit a project published before June 21st, 2017.
It can be a remix, but the fact that it is a remix will be accounted for in the judging process.
It can be a collab, but only one person can get the prizes.
You may only submit 1 project, although if you want to submit another project simply delete your old post and submit the better one.

First place:
- A title of your choice
- A badge of your choice (Silver badges and below)
- If you don't have it already, regular.
- Follow from all the judges
Second place:
- A title of your choice
- If you don't have it already, regular.
- Follow from 2 of the judges (of your choice)
- Spam likes from TheRealBlah

Third place:
- A title of your choice
- If you don't have it already, regular.
- Follow from 1 of the judges (of your choice)

Cool, right? :slight_smile:
Our judges will be: @TheRealBlah,

Project rubric:
Graphics/Design -out of 30 points
Difficulty to code -out of 20 points
Creativity -out of 20 points
Use of different blocks -out of 10 points
Amount of lag/clean functionality -out of 20 points
Projects must be submitted by August 1st, 2017.
If you need any clarification, just ask! Happy hopscotchin'!

Organization for Second Annual Summer Contest

Hmm @t1_hopscotch should hold it
I'm not on summer vacation yet btw :sob::sob:


@TheRealBlah, I think we should wait until we have some way to decide fairly who's going to be hosting it?


Yeah, I agree with PumpkinGirl, we should wait...




Well then somebody please delete this topic.


You can't delete topics. Want me to lounge it till we can use it?


No. That is because I am not a regular yet and I would like access to my own topic. Maybe we should close it instead.


I think this is okay for now, we can always leave it until we need to use it too :smile:

I commented on the other topic that it seems like you and @Healeybot1 would like to host it so far too :smiley:


What? Why would I host a contest that I don't even know anything about?


Anyways, t1 could you please change the first post to global edit?


Wait are you really giving away titles and badges? @TheRealBlah


No. I copied it, I should have removed it.


I think I must have been mistaken :thinking: Sorry about that!!


So can we still enter?


Yep of course you can enter :smile: The official topic is here:

But I think you saw that already :blush:


Can we enter this contest?


Can we enter this contest or not?


This is the same contest as this one:

This is the old topic for it.