Annual Hopscotch Summer Contest!



What place am I?
I know I'm not good
I just wanna know what place am I!


Ask in the other topic. They probably won't tell you though. ;-;


What over project?
What is it called


It's a banner now. Refresh your screen and it should pop up.


a KITTEH.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It will make my bad sickness better :joy:


Hey Guys!
If you want to do another contest check out this Fall Project contest!

tag list



Congratulations to @CreationsOfaNoob, @Roller_Blade, @Caramel_Puffin, @SuperGirl3Acer and @CreativeCoder!!!

and I didn't win anything of course ;-;


Thank you!
Yours was very good! There will always be other contests! :D


Thanks! :DD


No problem! :DD


Oops! Sorry I didn't see this soon enough to answer it. . . I woudnt have won anyway. Congrats to the winners! The winning projects all look great!


thank you guys so much for giving me nice post, it means a lot to me. I was actually really disappointed that I was unable to enter the contest, now I'm being all emotional. Imma stop now.


Don't worry, just a few mol days to go…:wink:


Revive! Because y not?




It's October wat summer contest


Oh dis is the old one I'm stewpid



I lost because of art


Nooope, this is the last post.


You're not grading anymore change the title
Anyways I remember this


Wow same
Did they ever announce who won