Annual Halloween contest



Annual Halloween contest! Lol I probably can't really make a contest without the leaders' help. @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, @Gilbert189, and @PopTart0219 can there be a annual Halloween contest and you guys be the judges? I will be a host. If yes then.......

Ok if you want to be in the contest you have to code..... well anything but it has to be Halloween related. There will be grading if the leaders approve.

The contest will be over October 31st, the day of Halloween.
Winners announced November 3rd (I think)

I will add more information if this gets approved.

P.S I did not see any Halloween contest topic for 2016 I am making this topic. If there is then this topic will be abandoned. Lol


Btw there was a Hallowe'en contest last year run by THT! Idk if there'll be another one


I don't celebrate Halloween.
I don't want to, though. :D


You really don't have to celebrate Halloween to be in the contest. You can research Halloween and do a pumpkin or something.
You can do a project on a holiday that you celebrate on Halloween which is not Halloween.


That's ok, neither do I. :D

We can just have a mini October 31st celebration :D


What? :000000000000000


I think they're are some holidays. Idk though.


I stay home and use my iPad on Halloween. ;-;


Lol. Wait a sec....... You can make an i-pad that has the games you play. And you can make the background spooky so it is still related to Halloween.


Uh.... @PopTart0219, @Kiwicute2016 and @Gilbert189?


I can't do anything related to Halloween, whether it be spooky or not. ;-;


Oh. Then just make and i-pad that is fine with me.


Same, I stay home and hand out candy from a tree (don't ask why a tree)


@Liza @thomas are we going to have another Halloween contest? I was on hopscotch after the contest so I did not get to do it.