Annual GlowCumber Day 2018 Comp! 10th of the 5th!


Hello HS forumers!
I’ve seen lots of competitions about days that are important, and this time it’s my turn to make one!
Now since its Annual GlowCumber Day on the 10th, I would like as many people as possible to code or draw something on HS (if you don’t have HS any more and you want to draw something you can do it on a different app, just make sure you post it here). The project or drawing has to have something to do with GlowCumbers. They are super AMAZING! Here’s a drawing of one:

Now all competitions need prizes!
FIRST PLACE! (Feel free to ask to add prizes, ask me tho, I can’t do global edit)


I might make something, we’ll see.


Imma make something can I draw it on Paper though even though I have hopscotch?


Sure! I don’t mind what ever you do, as long as is has something to do with GlowCumbers


Yay I have the perfect idea!


So, we can make our own holidays now?


It’s is not MY own holiday, it is an official holiday on the moon, if not on Earth.