Annual Dino Coding Contest! Judge only!


This is for the Annual Dino Coding Contest! Only @Artistic_cat is allowed here XD pls dun look


Are you on renaw?


Yes, yes I am.

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Okay, what timezone are you in?

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Also, can you have this topic and the original topic On watching?


Um, I think pacific.
(Sorry it's late, and I'm to lazy to get what exactly it is)

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Oh,,, what should the rubrics be?

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(Sorry I don't understand :sweat_smile:)

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I should we judje the projects...
Close to the real app: /10
Not laggy: /10


They must fit into it lest two these category's
Close too the real app,
Advanced code,
Not laggy.

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Advanced code? Maybe the code isn't advanced but the project looks advanced...some project is like that lol


How about, creativity

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THEy actually have to Hopscotcify the app so if the app isn't creative, the project isn't too..


How about You choose then.

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No bugs? Idk


Ok, sounds good @DinoProductions

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Rn, we have 3 competitors :D!


(I may do this for fun, if I have time)

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