Annual Back To School (uhhh) Contest!


Hey guys! Today I have something really special I want to announce. I am holding a

School Project Contest!

Now i know what your thinking...why schoolllll but i promise you it's going to be fun!!!
Anyone can enter, and you don't have to alert us if you enter. You simply have to post your project here!
Here’s what you should do if you choose to enter:

Create a school-related project (game, movie, art, whatever!)
Publish your project and post a link to it in this topic!
(You don't have to ask to join! All you have to do is submit a project!)

Some rules:

It CANT be a remix!
It can be a collab, but only one person can get the prizes.
You may only submit up to 3 projects!


This is what everyone is here for, I'm sure xD!!!:joy:
First place:
- A logo request of your choice
- A drawing of your choice (i need a judge to volunteer to make this)
- A follow from me and all the judges
- You can request a song (judges i need you to make that)
- You can request a trail art project (from either me or a judge)
Second place:
- A logo of your choice
- You can request a trail art, music, or a shoutout
- Follow from 2 of the judges (of your choice)

Third place:
- A logo of your choice
- Follow from 1 of the judges (of your choice)

Cool, right?

I need up to 15 judges if i can!!! please consider being one!

@StarryDream i was hoping you could be one​:grinning:

i am going for judges that can do this:

have been featured or trending

will be able to make one of the prizes(look above for that

and won't quit



Project rubric:
Graphics/Design -out of 30 points
Difficulty to code -out of 20 points
Creativity -out of 20 points
Use of different blocks -out of 10 points
Amount of lag/clean functionality -out of 20 points

Projects must be submitted by October 6th, 2016. If you need any clarification, just ask! Happy #hopscotchin'!

Credit to BAS for the rubric




I'm not doing this but I would b a judge as on my old account I got a feature and I could make a cool background.... So yeah I'll just b judge as I hate school


lol ok thanks @Jess888 i will add you on



But, I literally made a contest exactly like this and the projects are due in like five days lol...

It's ok, no one has entered mine.

I can give prizes if you want.


Cool thanks XD xxx..


ok but i can still have my own contest​:grinning: ok your wanting to be a judge?


Sorry, I don't want to judge! I will give prizes to the winners if you want!


oh thanks @bluedogmc-official


When's it due?


october 6th @Potter_Head


Can I be a judge ? Please ?


Can I be a judge? If not, I can do the drawing request as a prize, here is an example of one of mine:

I can do both paper and digital! :smile:


yes you both may be!! thanks @Silverdolphin and @Dude73 your a great help​:sparkling_heart:


Awesome! Thank you so much! :smile:


Can I judge? :D


Can I be a judge?


yea thanks you so much @RubyStars @HopedHoper


Cool, thank you! :D


Well almost everyone of my projects go on trending
Can I be a judge?
I can do requests (of drawings ) for the winners XD


Welcolm back to da Forum SSG!