Announcing the winners and finalists of HHC18!


Hey guys,

I don’t have enough words to express our admiration for all the great projects you created for Hopscotch Halloween Contest! Thank you all for participating and putting your efforts and creativity in. It was so hard to choose the finalists, let alone the winners. But here we are, with ten finalist and three winners.

The winner of first place will get a Hopscotch t-shirt!

1st Place


"Bear Tower Defense"

2nd Place

Creations of a Noob

"Pumpkin Smash!"

3rd Place


"Shadowed Forest #HHC18"

Other finalists:

  1. Awesome_E

"Zombie Run"

  1. HarshiAbhi


  1. Go cool watermelons

"HHC 18 save Halloween"

  1. Nathan LN

“Dr. Spooky’s haunted house”

  1. Legendary Myth

"Pumpkin Platformer"



  1. kingofcats4

"Spoopy scary skeletons v2"

Also, our sincerest apologies for mistaking the name of one of our finalists–@Legendary_Myth, who coded an awesome project-"Pumpkin Platformer".


Nice job @Petrichor =D I’ve told you this 3 times already but still, nice job!

Also you get a free T-shirt lol


Wow! Congrats all!
Although I didn’t expect Petrichor to win the 1st place though (Sorry Petrichor XD)




That is one of KVJ’s phrases XD


Oh I know.
I even said that, if you quote my post…


I thought it was “Correctumundo” and “Congratuticulations”.


He says ‘congratuverylations’


Okay, maybe my brain mixed that up into “Congratuticulations”.


great job Droidoshan. <3


Good job @Legendary_myth you earned a place
I didn’t get enough time to finish my project sadly
I’ll try next year


I’m in -9999999999999th place


honestly i was too lazy to do anything


Yay! @CreationsOfaNoob placed second!


Wut da pumpkin be dis…


I think my brain altered a word…lol…


Congratulations to everyone of you! I really think that all the finalists have made awesome games.


How do you play shadowed forest? I just walked to the right and it said I won :joy:
I think I overlooked it but I’m not sure


Great job everyone!

@petrichor @creationsofanoob @murasakibird @awesome_e @harshiabhi @gocoolwatermelons @nathanln @xamanionstudios @kingofcats4


Petrichor’s thing is by far the best one there. Nice.