Announcing the 2015 Hopscotch Halloween Contest



“BOO!” -- this kinda creepy dog

It’s our favorite holiday—Halloween. Time to get spooky with the Hopscotch Halloween Content. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Last year we had thousands of submissions and are REALLY excited to do it again.

Here’s what you need to know:

-Create a spook-tastic project (game, movie, art, whatever!)
- Publish your project with #HHC15 in the title by Wednesday, October 28. This is the most important part. We’re only going to judge projects with #HHC15 in the title. Then we'll announce the winner on Halloween!
- Wanna get extra scary? Get special Hopscotch Halloween characters by branching this project

We'll pick three winning projects. There will be prizes :gift:

Here are two of last year's winners to get you in the Halloween spirit (if you aren't already!), created by Chickenlord and SlipperySalamander5924. They’re awesome.

Can't wait to see everyone's submissions! Okay, time to go back to our spooky dance. Bye.

Hopscotch Halloween Contest 2016 #HHC2016
Welcome to the Forum! 10/19
Hopscotch Halloween Contest 2016 #HHC2016

Can't wait! Working on something right now :slightly_smiling: Btw love the spooky dance!


Also, can we submit multiple projects?

Questions about the Halloween challenges

Awesome! One question though. Why isn't zombear one of the characters in the link you sent us?


I can't wait to see all the different projects! :smiling_imp:


@BuildASnowman I'm wondering the same thing because if we can then I will post a certain project into the contest. @Ian, CAN we submit multiple projects? I hope so!


Also, @Ian what if we want more than one of the characters each. Say I want three zombies to each do different things, what do I do? I know about clones, but I am thinking of something a bit more complicated. Can we not download the characters? If it is not possible to download the characters, could the Hopscotch Team post a project with ten characters for each of the special Halloween characters? Sorry I am being so awkward, it's just that I have been put off creating Halloween themed projects because the remix projects didn't have enough of each character. Thank you! :yum::cat:


I'm doing a collab with others and we are planning to try to win! the profile we use to make all our submissions is called Hallows Code


I just published my submission, I hope I win! It took a long time to get the timing right :wink:


This is my first time taking part in such events.

I'm not asking for my project to win, but as long as I participate in this, I'm happy already!

I was wondering, does a button that gives suspense ( and soon a scary jumpscare, hope I didn't scare anyone ) count as "Halloween Themed"?


the SEQUEL is here...:smiling_imp: HHC15



@ILoveSmudgey womp womp...we're actually using a hack to get the halloween characters, which were only available for a hot second in...2013!!! In order to get multiple of the same one, we'd have to put them into the character menu in Hopscotch. This requires a new version of Hopscotch in the App Store and takes a looong time.

So, you gotta be creative with the ones that you have, unfortunately. The good news is that Hopscotchers are the most creative people who've ever lived and are quite good at making a lot out of a little. So I'm not worried :slightly_smiling:

Questions about the Halloween challenges

Oops, sorry about that @Cocoa1106! Try searching "Halloween characters" in Hopscotch and you'll find some projects that include Zombear that you can branch.


No need to apologize! Thanks for responding though :smile:


Is it still ok if I published #hcc15 because I didn't capitalize it. But I have no problem oncesoever renaming


No prob! We'll find it as long as it has #hhc15 in the title


Hey everybody!

We've changed the project deadline to Wednesday, October 28, so we can announce the winner on Halloween!

Good luck!


@Ian, I am already started to make it! Their will be creepy noises and zombare is going to go invisible then go to be visible and then creepy noises are going to start! That is all I am going to tell so fare!

My Halloween Contest Project!

@Ian here's my HHC if you can't see it.

enter link description here


I branched the project but I looked in my characters and could not find those caracters